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Are you fed up of not being able to pay your bills?

Fed up of having to borrow money to buy something?

Imagine waking up and seeing a notification for £5000 being transferred into your bank account,
Now imagine seeing that every week, consistently.

Imagine waking up and deciding “I want to go to Dubai and stay at the Versace hotel” and booking your trip immediately, without having to worry about going into overdraft.

Imagine going to the shopping centre and instead of walking past Gucci, Louis Vuitton, etc, you actually walk in and buy a bunch of items totalling up to £3500, just like that.

You’re exactly where you want to be in life,

And now, imagine if you could do ALL THAT, In a HALAL way, with HALAL income.

What if I told you all of that is possible.
Financial freedom, the halal way!

For men, praying salah in the mosque is compulsory, yet so many of us don’t because we have to go to work. Giving charity has huge rewards, yet some of us can’t give much because we can’t afford to.

This dunya is hard. We’ve been brought up to go to school, work, and die. With no life in between.

But when you’re financially free, you will have time for everything. You’ll be able to give more charity, you’ll be able to go to the mosque more, women; you’ll be able to afford to go to the halal beach holiday in Turkey, or buy that new Gucci purse. Men; you’ll be able to buy that new bmw or Ferrari.

“O ‘Amir! How excellent lawful wealth is in the hands of a righteous person!’” - [Bukhari & Ahmad: Authentic]
Many Muslims think that having wealth is a bad thing. This quote from the hadith opposes that opinion.

A few years ago I myself was working for £2 an hour, for 11 hours a day, I was working an illegal job in the market, selling bedsheets, just so I could afford to buy things for myself.
Over the years I’ve managed to build many businesses and now, alhamdullilah I’m financially free.

I wasn’t going to teach what I know to anyone. But during covid, the worst time of the last few years, when everyone was losing their jobs.
I put a post on Instagram asking what would people do if they had £1000.
And one of my followers said “I can’t afford to pay the bills for my father who passed away due to covid.”
And that hit me hard.

So I decided to create the triple bundle.

If you want financial freedom the halal way, this is where your journey starts.

See you inside

It's Time to Change your life in 2022

3 - in - 1 Triple Bundle

A complete package to teach you how to become financially free the halal way through various income streams with no experience and investment needed.

In this Bundle

In this bundle you’ll learn how I’ve managed to make more than 6 figures in the last 3 months, from home.

How during the pandemic, while everyone else was made redundant or receiving a small furlough payment, i was
bringing in 10k-30k every month, consistenly, through multiple online businesses.

In this bundle , you’ll get all 3 halalonlineincome products for the price of one. I’ll teach you EVERYTHING I did
to make multiple six figures in 2021 alone.

When you want to cook, you follow a recipe, when you want to learn to drive, you hire an instructor. Think of this
as your recipe to financial freedom, and I am your instructor.

I was working for £2 an hour when I started. I had to sell my playstation to be able to pay for a course teaching
sales. I became obese because of depression. I sacrificed chilling with mates, going out, everything so that i could
learn how to make money online. Over time, I invested more than 100 hours and more than 30k on courses, learning
everything I could to make money.

You don’t have to do that, because with this bundle, you’ll learn everything for just £585.

And you have no excuse, I failed my A levels and never went to university. If I can do this, so can you.


Get unlimited access to the Halal Online Income client acquisition specialist when you finish the course.
Get priority replies from me.

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Marketing Course

Six Week Agency
  • Full Social Media Marketing Course with 70+ Lessons of STEP BY STEP Training

  • 1-1 WhatsApp Mentorship

  • How to find, research, sign & deliver results for a client that pays you 1-10k a month

  • Pre Made Scripts, Templates & Professionally Approved Contract

  • Learn exactly how I made £7.5k in 1 month & how you can to!

Financial Freedom Book

  • 37 Income Streams you can start today (step-by-step)

  • Any age, any gender, any experience. YOU can start a business from this book!

  • What's inside:

    • Halal Dropshipping (Worth £420)
    • Affiliate Marketing (Worth £300)
    • Social Media Marketing (Worth £230)
    • Car Modification Company (Worth £220)
    • Vending Machine Business (Worth £170)
    • Amazon FBA (Worth £160)
    • Instagram Theme Pages (Worth £130)
    • 30+ Other Chapters

Entrepreuner Portal

Halal Entrepreneur Portal
  • Exclusive telegram chat with fellow Entrepreneurs

  • Mentorship and Q&A's

  • Videos about Entrepreneurship, Finance, investment, stocks, crypto and more!

  • Crypto & Investment tips

  • Extra content that didn’t make it in the book

  • Various templates and scripts

  • Access to 50+ business contracts

  • The Founders first book – Chicken is Life (eBook)

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