Due to the 1-1 mentorship each student receives, Enrolment will close when spaces get full


The Complete Social Media Marketing Agency Package


Six Week Agency

Here's What You Get

  • Full Social Media Marketing Course with 70+ Lessons of STEP BY STEP Training
    (Valued at £2749)

  • 1-1 WhatsApp text Mentorship With LIFETIME Access To ME.
    (Valued at £467)

  • Pre Made Scripts, Templates & Professionally Approved Contract
    (Valued at £1654)
  • Access to the PROVEN Recipe For Online Marketing
  • Money back clause if you don’t get a client after 90 days
  • Regular Q & A Calls
  • Bonus: 1-1 Agency Setup Call
    When paid in full - (Valued at £400 p/h)
  • Bonus: Digital Marketing & Email Marketing Modules
    (Valued at £350)
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Frequently Asked Questions

Here's Some of the questions we get asked the most.

Yes. As long as you have access to google, Facebook, Instagram, and other social media networks, then this business model can work for you. All you need is an internet connection, a phone, and a pc/laptop.

We have products from all price ranges, but if the social media marketing course is too expensive to pay at once, we also offer an instalment option via Klarna where you can pay over various instalment option that they offer you based on your credit history and location.

In some cases, Klarna may not accept you due to your location or age, in this case, contact us and we can setup a direct 2 month instalment with us.

As muslims, we love charity, in fact, a large portion of our income goes to charity, however, unfortunately due to the huge amount of requests we get like this, and due to the fact that we mentor every student, we cannot give you the course for free.

Yes, of course.

Most of our students start the course while working or studying, you only need a few hours a week to start with. The aim is that after you start your agency and make your first few thousand pounds you can leave your job and work on the marketing agency full time.

We have partnered up with Klarna, they can offer you various interest fee instalment plans, plus you’ll gain access to the course immediately. (Just remember not to miss any payments or they may charge you a late fee)

You’ll have access forever. You can take as long as you need to complete it. On average, our students take between 2-4 weeks to complete it, when balancing their time between work/studies.

Should you buy the financial freedom book, or the marketing course?

The book has 37 business ideas, and how to start making money with them.

Such as Affiliate marketing, social media marketing, starting a hijab brand, car mod company, perfume brand, selling a course etc.

Any age, any gender, no experience needed.

The course is
A full step by step course for just social media marketing, how you can earn 1-10k a month by posting on social media.
Includes, scripts, templates, copy and paste what I teach.
It will take you 2-6 weeks if you study 1-2 hours a week!

You have to work hard. But you can make 100k+ a year from this.

Includes 1-1 mentorship with me!

I would recommend you buy both, if you buy the book first, you can get the course for a 5% discount.

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